Multi LoRaWAN Band in one server


I just quick start with chirp stack. I am able to:

  1. use EU868
  2. device uplink data and see it in Application Server
  3. all in one server

I wonder to know if I can:

  1. add other bands in this same server, like IN865, AS923, etc…

Could anyone help me? Thank you.

Yes, but you have to run multiple ChirpStack Network Server instances. They can be managed using a single ChirpStack Application Server instance.


Thank you for the reply.

But one instance means one server (I am using Ubuntu 18.04), right? Not able to add multi-Network Servers in one Ubuntu?

You can run any number of network server processes or containers, depending on your configuration. Watch out for colliding ports and MQTT topics (coming from the gateway bridges), it usually makes sense to prefix the latter.

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Thanks for your answer.

Could you share the command to run another Network Server in same Ubuntu 18.04? Thank you.

There is no single command. You’ll need to configure all the things mentioned previously.

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