Multicast Remote Setup

I’m trying to setup a few multicast groups, but I won’t know which devices belong to which groups until they’re already out in the wild. Therefore, I need to be able to setup multicast groups on the end-device remotely.

Taking a look at the LoRa Alliance Multicast Specification, there is a McGroupSetupReq MAC Command that allows this.

Does Chirpstack implement this command?

If so, does the API at api/MulticastGroupService/AddDevice send the command? Or is there some other way I can send this command instead?

Currently it does not. It is implemented, but only as an experimental FUOTA implementation, not something that can be used stand-alone. This might be a feature for the future :slight_smile:

To start with, are you sure your devices support the Multicast Remote Setup application-layer specification? Most devices do not (currently).

Thanks for the reply @brocaar! This would definitely be a very useful feature, since our sensors often move around and would need to be regrouped.

I’m currently using the Mbed OS LoraWaN end-device library. Do you know if they support Multicast Remote Setup? I know they support FUOTA, so I assumed that multicast support was built in as part of that.

Is remote multicast setup implemented in ChirpStack 4.3.0?
Im not able to find any information about it.