[Multitech Conduit] Problem restoring mlinux-factory-image


I hope you can solve my problem, I have a Multitech IP67 conduit (MTCDTIP Series) to factory condition.

The idea is that I’ve been reading through the forums that the mlinux-factory-image includes the packet-forwarder binaries for v1.0 USB, v1.5 SPI and v2.1 gateway cards, with the mlinux-base image that I installed I’ve lost all this functionality and I need this one to be able to configure the lora-packet-forwarder-usb that @brocaar proposes in its documentation.

The flashing of the image as the documentation says in the section Update / migration of AEP to the latest version of mLinux for Multitech but with the mlinux-factory-image solve these dependencies with the binaries?

Is there another way to install these binaries that I need?

I have little contact with multitech, excuse me if something is not clear in my explanation.