Network load management


I am wondering if the LoRa Server is able to manage network load correctly. Let me explain:

With the environment we are setting up, we will have an installation of thousands of end-devices. In some circumstances, we may broadcast messages to all of them.

Do we have to manage this in our application, or does the LoRa Server can handle this automatically ? Do we need to implement a mechanism to spread the message sending along time ?

Edit: I am a beginner with LoRa related stuff, don’t blame me if I didn’t get something…

You should be able to setup multiple LoRa Server instances as a cluster. Also, you should be able to setup a Redis cluster (using the tools provided by Redis). So from this side, LoRa Server is pretty scalable.

Please note that when you broadcast thousands of (downlink) messages that the number of gateways might become a concern too. Also, will you be using Class-A or Class-C for this? In case of Class-A LoRa App Server will keep a queue per device. When a receive-window occurs, it will pop the first item from this queue and sends it to the node.