Network server listens for another topics rather than gateway bridge sends

Faced similar problem on update loraserver ver.2 to ver.3:
[No data after upgrading from v2 to v3](http://upgrading-from-v2-to-v3 issue)

Now I am trying to update from old loraserver to latest version of chirpstack.
chirpstack-application-server and chirpstack-network-server built from latest commit of github repo while chirpstack-gateway-bridge taken as docker image chirpstack/chirpstack-gateway-bridge:3

The problem is that chirpstack-gateway-bridge send to following topics:

time="2020-04-12T16:13:18Z" level=info msg="integration/mqtt: publishing event" event=stats qos=0 stats_id=fdae0f5c-7001-45aa-9bf3-ef58a2430b04 topic=gateway/aa555a0000000005/event/stats
time="2020-04-12T16:13:40Z" level=info msg="integration/mqtt: publishing event" event=up qos=0 topic=gateway/aa555a0000000005/event/up uplink_id=52e029a0-9fcb-4b1c-a233-eb4ed3652fce

while chirpstack-network-server listens for following topics:

time="2020-04-12T16:07:56Z" level=info msg="gateway/mqtt: subscribing to rx topic" qos=0 topic=gateway/+/rx
time="2020-04-12T16:07:56Z" level=info msg="gateway/mqtt: subscribing to stats topic" qos=0 topic=gateway/+/stats
time="2020-04-12T16:07:56Z" level=info msg="backend/gateway: subscribing to ack topic" qos=0 topic=gateway/+/ack

so it doesn’t hear anything from chirpstack-network-server.

After switching back to lora-gateway-bridge it started to work but I don’t see any packets in data tab of web interface. Only in frames tab:

Looks like after upgrading to chirpstack it switched back for compatibility with lora-gateway-bridge version 2.
But I guess there is not true. So what did I miss?

After full cleanup it started to work as expected

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