Network server recive data example


how I can see the received packet on the chirpstack-network-server ?

I use multitech gateway, and there is an embedded lora server was install on it, it provides a lora-server configuration file where someone can set the gateway/network parameters (e.g. LoRa module, gateway key EUI, Application key, session key) these keys are used on programmable node to join the network correctly. so configration is done and a node join network successfully.

But how about chirpstack-network- server, can anyone help? does anyone have an example on how to set the network and start to see the data comes from the node on chirpstack network server ?

You will want to switch the gateway from network server to packet forwarder mode, and point the packet forwarder at your ChirpStack Gateway Bridge, either installed locally or across the network.

Thanks for reply bconway …

Actually I did what you said, and if I am not mistaken, the configuration is okay, I ping all and all have represented a log, however, I still not know how to see the stream of data comes to chirp stack-network-server? and no packet receiving from the node, while the node is fail to join the network, and the gateway still not seen on the application server web interface localhost:8080.

I can not recognize, the problem source.

help me pls if you can!