New Gateway addition error - Invalid Date!


We are trying to create an instance of the LoRa Server on Windows 10 and are encountering an error while trying to add the first gateway on the App Server: the ‘Last Seen’ continues to show ‘Invalid Date’ which likely indicates that the App Server thinks the communication with the Gateway hasn’t happened yet. Please refer to the following screenshot:

But we can see that the Gateway Bridge is continuously exchanging UDP packet with the Gateway.

The log files and the configuration toml files for the Gateway Bridge, Lora App Server and LoRa Server have been uploaded on the following google drive link along with the global_conf.json and local_conf.json files from the Gateway. We have also uploaded the log of a mosquitto_sub trying to listen to al the topics of the mosquitto broker (mosquitto_sub.exe -v -t “#” > mosquitto-log.txt 2>&1).

The mosquitto_sub log has no output except for the final ‘^C’ to terminate the program indicating that no messages are being exchanged between the LoRa Server and the Gateway Bridge. This possibly explains that the LoRa Server is not aware of the fact that the Gateway is live and hence is not notifying the LoRa App Server accordingly, resulting in the ‘Last Seen’ field not being updated on the LoRa App Server!

The mosquitto message broker infrastructure seems to be working alright otherwise, as we have tried publishing messages on gateway-related topic using mosquitto_pub and the messages are received by the LoRa Server and the Gateway Bridge that are subscribing to the topic.

It can be seen from the log that the gRPC communication between the LoRa App Server and the LoRa Server is taking place e.g. when the Gateway is created or some update is done to it on the App Server.

A screenshot of an ssh session on the RisingHF Gateway (rhf2s008) showing the status of the packet forwarder running there along with the file structure, has been uploaded on the google drive link given above.

The Gateway has no SIM; it is on the same internal LAN as the rest of the LoRa Server components with the IP address of the Gateway Bridge and port number (1700) configured in the Gateway json files.

As can be seen from the toml files, the two databases created are named lorappserver (for LoRa App Server) and loraserver (for Lora Server) both owned by user loraserver.

The versions of the three components (windows binaries) are as follows:


Hope you have all the information needed. If something else is needed, please let me know.

Looking forward to your help,

Thanks for all your excellent work so far!
–P. K. B.

An update:

Just a while back, saw the following message being exchanged on mqtt:

Looks like the Gateway Bridge is sending intermittent (periodic?) stat message to the LoRa Server. May be last time we didn’t wait that long.

But still the ‘Last Seen’ field on the App Server is ‘Invalid Date’!

Could this help diagnose the problem?

–P. K. B.

We have been able to resolve the above issue by using the ttn poly_pkt_fwd in the RisingHF Gateway instead of the Semtech pktfwd. A

Sorry my previous post went off incomplete. Continuing from there … the ‘Last Seen’ field for the Gateway on the App Server shows valid time indicating when the last ‘keep live’ message was received.

Now we are encountering problem while trying to join the LoRa end-device (AcSiP EK-S76SXB breakout board) using OTAA. After filling in its DevEUI on the ‘Create Device’ page of the App Server and later generating the AppKey on the App Server and setting it on the end-device, when we try to join using OTAA, it can not join and the joining status remains ‘unjoined’.

Any idea what we may be missing here?

–P. K. B.

Please do not mix different issues within one topic. Use the forum search, there are already other topics covering how to debug join issues.