No Access to Gateways or Device from Webpage

Hi everybody,

i set up an ChirpStack-Server on a Raspbian and get the following error, when i try to look on a gateway or node.

context deadline exceeded (code: 2)

The log from application server tell me:

May 08 11:35:23 raspberrypi chirpstack-application-server[460]: time=“2020-05-08T11:35:23+01:00” level=error msg=“finished unary call with code Unknown” ctx_id=acd7bff6-9735-406b-ba00-695680fcb60d error=“rpc error: code = Unknown desc = context deadline exceeded” grpc.code=Unknown grpc.method=Get grpc.service=api.GatewayService grpc.start_time=“2020-05-08T11:35:18+01:00” grpc.time_ms=5011.246 peer.address=“” span.kind=server system=grpc

Can anybody help me, please?

Please see