No join response in websockets but showing showing success log in app server


I’m trying to move chirpstack to kubernetes and i’m having a strange error with Join Requests.

The device seems to be not receiving a Join response and one is not appearing in the websockets as shown below.

I checked the application server logs and there is no errors to be found. The only log is below stating that the joinserver is sending a response and it appears to be successful.
Anyone know what the problem might be?

level=info msg="backend/joinserver: sending response" dev_eui=a8610a30392d940b message_type=JoinAns receiver_id=000000 result_code=Success sender_id=1234567890123456 transaction_id=90530133

Any help would be appreciated.

Please note that ChirpStack shows the JoinAccept frame only if it has been acknowledged by the gateway. There are (at least) three possible issues:

  1. The gateway does not receive the down command (gateway/..../command/down topic).
  2. The gateway did receive the downlink command, but it arrived too late or there was a collision.
  3. The gateway has a very old packet-forwarder installed, which does not send the acknowledgements at all.

As your device does receive the join-response, 3) could be the issue in your case.