No node information can be seen at the gateway and server

Excuse me
I want my node to send data to the chirpstack server.
I followed the steps to connect the gateway to the chirpstack server127.0.0.1 and configured the node, but I never saw the node on the server, let alone the data sent by the node.
The current situation is:

  1. At the gateway. I can see the gps and other information of the gateway, but I cannot receive the information from the node at the live gateway, as shown below.

  2. About the node:I have set the app key and device EUI on the server and node to be the same, and configured related files.But there was no device data. as shown below

    Why about it ?

The first thing you need to resolve is why your gateway is not receiving data from your device. Regardless if your device is properly configured withing ChirpStack, you should see data in the live LoRaWAN frames tab of the gateway.

Maybe the channel-plan is misconfigured and the gateway is not listening on the frequencies that are used by the device?

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