No sensor data visibe in Mosquitto MQTTP


Not sure if this is for GatewayBridge.
I have first time experience with chirpstack and I managed to setup system on RAK gateway.
I use default settings in packet forwarder, gatewa bridge and network server with slight change if IP to use my local Mosquitto broker. Sensor packet are transfered through this chain from sensor to network server. But on Mosquitto side I can’t / don’t know how to see sensor data. I see event/ack, stats, up ; command/down, but cant find sensor data.
In the same time in Chirpstack Network server in Applications/app/Devices/Device/Device Data I can see live sensor data.

When broker is stopped NetworkServer is not able to receive data.

On the other hand I have my client subscribed to following topics


with bridge [integration.mqtt] topics configuration

[ Event topic template.]
event_topic_template=“gateway/{{ .GatewayID }}/event/{{ .EventType }}”
[ Command topic template]
command_topic_template=“gateway/{{ .GatewayID }}/command/#”

Any hint, help will be more then wellcome

You’re subscribing to gateway topics, but decrypted sensor data will be available on application topics. Since it sounds like you can see sensor data correctly in the web UI, try subscribing to # and you should be able to figure out fairly quickly where the data you’re expecting is located.

Dear Brian,

tried that with
mosquitto_sub -v -h localhost -p 1883 -t “#”

and received

But nothing more with application keyword.
Please if you will be kind to help a bit more if I need to reconfigure gateway or mosquitto.
I will try to take it from there with google, docs and a good will :slight_smile:

Many thanks

Make sure you have the MQTT integration configured correctly in the Application Server:

Hi Brian,

Thank you for helping me. Mixed my understanding of Application Server with NetworkServer and my intention was to use MQTT data without Chirpstack Application Server. Will do some diging.
Many thanks.

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