No uplink shown in ABP

I’m currently using Chirpstack V4, I’m using Chirpstack whit LoRa modulation and LR-FHSS modulation.

When using LR-FHSS modulation it works fine (using this help), i can receive the data and everything is in order.

But when I try to use LoRa modulation the data is not showed anywhere in my application, here’s the data shown by the gateway:

    "phy_payload": {
        "mhdr": {
            "m_type": "UnconfirmedDataUp",
            "major": "LoRaWANR1"
        "mic": [
        "payload": {
            "f_port": 10,
            "fhdr": {
                "devaddr": "10000000",
                "f_cnt": 193,
                "f_ctrl": {
                    "ack": false,
                    "adr": false,
                    "adr_ack_req": false,
                    "class_b": false,
                    "f_opts_len": 0,
                    "f_pending": false
                "f_opts": []
            "frm_payload": "386690559980c7ce1e78"
    "rx_info": [
            "channel": 20,
            "context": "ymxsEw==",
            "crcStatus": "CRC_OK",
            "gatewayId": ----------------------------
            "location": {
            "metadata": {
                "region_common_name": "EU868",
                "region_config_id": "eu868"
            "nsTime": "2024-06-03T12:48:07.125628498+00:00",
            "rssi": -80,
            "snr": 15,
            "uplinkId": 45130
    "tx_info": {
        "frequency": 868300000,
        "modulation": {
            "lora": {
                "bandwidth": 125000,
                "codeRate": "CR_4_5",
                "spreadingFactor": 7

I’m in EU863-870 region

Did you check the logs for errors?

Sorry for the delay
Here are some extra details
There is nothing on the event or the LoRaWAN Frame tabs, except when I’m sending the LR-FHSS data

I’m sending data from DR0 to DR11
But I can only see the DR8 to DR11 data (LR-FHSS modulation)
Something worth notice, I’m using a LR1110 dev kit, and I’m using an incomplete LoRaWAN protocol
respecting the PhyPayload, everything should be in order

"devAddr": "------",
    "adr": false,
    "dr": 11,
    "fCnt": 142,
    "fPort": 10,
    "confirmed": false,
    "data": "TnVtZXJvIC0gMTM=",
    "rxInfo": [
            "gatewayId": "-----",
            "uplinkId": 58316,
            "nsTime": "2024-06-18T10:09:06.981204613+00:00",
            "rssi": -76,
            "channel": 6,
            "location": {},
            "context": "KAV3MA==",
            "metadata": {
                "region_config_id": "eu868",
                "region_common_name": "EU868"
            "crcStatus": "CRC_OK"

Here’s the current configuration used, currenlty I don’t support ADR nor FCtrl field, I’m sending the exact same data in LoRaWAN modulation and in LR-FHSS modulation, the only thing I’m changing is the modulation, I have checked that the frequencies and DR are accepted by the configuration file used in chirsptack

As a final note, I was able to retrieve the data directly from the UDP protocol (raw data from the gateway) and I was able to retrieve both LR-FHSS and LoRa data that way, once again confirming that the packet are compliant whit the LoRaWAN frame
Finally, here is some raw data that the gateway is sending trough UDP:

  [{ "jver":2,
                [ {"ant":0,

As an update

I don’t know why, but it started working, I did not change anything, but now is showing every packet, LoRa and LR-FHSS.

I’m a little worry that this problem could happen again though.