Not all my gateways have internet access

I bought 5 gateways (the 8 channel Pi zero for $155). Three of them have available internet access. Gateway #4 does not have internet access but is within range of gateway #3 (which does), can this gateway be deployed or not?

Lastly, gateway #5 does not have internet access, it is within range of gateway #4 (also no access). Is there any way for all 5 gateways to work while only the first 3 have a direct connection to the internet?

Not in a LoRa-specific way, but you could certainly set one or more of them to route/NAT traffic upstream via the standard networking commands.

Trying to wrap my head around your response, obviously I am not expecting much for options, I don’t imagine downlink messages would be sent to the devices.

But while not quite sending as “LoRa messages” I could use the LoRa 915mhz radio to forward the packets to the next gateway that does have a connection to the server? Essentially acting as a repeater?