Not receiving MQTT "application-topic" messages other than "join"

Perhaps I’m doing something wrong, but I’m not receiving MQTT messages from the AS other than “join” messages. I do see the raw frames being received in the AS (“Live LoRaWAN frame logs” display), but no MQTT messages. How to debug?

What versions are you using of LoRa App Server and LoRa Server? Do you see the payload under the “Live event logs” tab?

Live LoRaWAN frame logs

Is this under gateways or devices?

I don’t see anything under “Live event logs” except for the join. This is under devices (for the specific device I’m watching).

As to version, it’s a very recent install, but where do I find that?

loraserver version and lora-app-server version :slight_smile: When you don’t see anything under the live event logs, I recommend to look at the loraserver and lora-app-server logs output when you’re sure that your device is sending data.

loraserver: 1.0.0
lora-app-server: 1.0.1

I’m looking at both server’s logs now.


The issue was that the app server gRPC port was originally configured as “localhost:8001” but was then moved to a different server. I updated the corresponding row in the network server’s routing_profile table and started receiving packets over MQTT.

I guess that entry isn’t updated unless the network server is removed from and then re-configured on the app server?

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