Packet_forwarder not send "ACK" back

Hi Orne,
After I install lora-gateway-bridge,and modify the packet-forwarder of my gateway,I can receive information by
executing the command: mosquitto_sub -v -t “gateway/+/rx” ,but the LoRaWAN modem can not receive the ACK


Please don’t address questions directly to me. I might be the one providing the answer, but there are many more people from the community helping out to answer questions :slight_smile:

Do you mean the UDP ACKs? (between the packet-forwarder and the LoRa Gateway Bridge). Or LoRaWAN confirmed-data ACKs? I assume the first. In that case it sounds like a networking issue to me (firewall, NAT) or misconfigured ports in your packet-forwarder config (both up and down are by default 1700).

sorry,I am a freshman.Don’t know the rules.
But I meet the last situation, ports in My packet-forwarder config set right, I can find the ack between the packet-forwarder and the LoRa Gateway Bridge , just the LoRaWAN modem can not receive ack.
Or no ack is right?Because mqtt server is different with lora server,which cant not build applications/motes for LoRaWAN modem . But There is the ack from the LoRa Gateway Bridge to the packet-forwarder.
Thanks a lot