Packet forwarder status does not exist on Lora Gateway OS


I have an error when i use the command sudo monit status and packet forwarder has status “Does not exist”. When I’ m trying to edit the packet forwarder config with the command sudo gateway-config, the configuration file is empty and I copy paste the default configuration but the problem still remains. Is it something I’m doing wrong ?

Probably you didn’t setup the concentrator shield / channel-plan yet?

Problem partially solved after a reboot. Is there any way to check if the packet forwarder coummunicates with gateway-bridge (along with the data it forwards ) and then if the gateway-bridge is connecting to my lora server ?

Sorry if this is an off-topic question.

This might help

Thank you for your response but my problem is that the LoRa OS does not support any of those commands.

You might be right. What you could do is stop the packet-forwarder and run it from the CLI to see its log output :slight_smile: