Packets bufferization

Hi, I was wondering if in the Lora Gateway Bridge there is a kind of bufferization of packets in case the MQTT broker is down ? The idea of course could be to unstack these packets when MQTT broker link is recovered. Thank you.

I believe that is the whole idea of MQTT QoS :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the feedback. I understand this is managed through QoS but I guess it is up to the Lora Gateway Bridge implementation you have done to retain packets in case we do not have puback. Is it the case ? If yes is there a maximum number of packets saved ?

Hi brocaar, does it make sense to think about this “bufferization” capability ?

Hey, I’m curious to know if already exists packet forwarder for LoRaWAN gateway which saves packets, when server isn’t connected. I mean next scenario:
Sensor (end node) sends data to gateway, gateway tries forward it to server, which isn’t reachable for now, so gateway saves this data (for example, the latest packet from this sensor) and will transmit it to the server, when it will be reachable.

This is supposed to work with QoS > 0, however the current Paho MQTT library does not deal well with this. When a (MQTT) ping-response is not answered, the publish function simply fails and the packet is lost.