Payload Code "migration"

Hi @all

Info: My Chirpstack Installation is still on the newest version of v3.

i have some old applications, where the payload codec is stored in the application instead of the device profile. I want to clean this up - but i have some questions:

  • is there a recommended way of payload codec “migration” from app to device-profile?
  • When i update the device profile with my codec, is this immediately active?
  • what happens when i have the codec configured in the device profile and in the application?

thanks and regards,

You should be able to just copy & paste the codec to the device-profile and remove it from the application :slight_smile:

Then when you migrate to v4, the v3 to v4 utility (GitHub - chirpstack/chirpstack-v3-to-v4: Utility to migate ChirpStack v3 data into ChirpStack v4.) will take care of the migration to v4 by adding a wrapper around the v3 function.