Payloads displayed in base64 -- why not also in HEX?

So I’ve been sending quiet a bit of configuration downlinks to a device.

The documentation for the uplink and downlink payloads is of course using HEX .

Needless to say it is cumbersome having to encode and decode to base64 in Chirpstack.
That is a real turn-off…

So pretty please, can we get an option to enter/display payloads in hex (with spaces between bytes please) ?

Base64 is how Protobuf encodes bytes when using JSON. For those using gRPC directly, you get natives bytes with no translation needed.

I was only talking about a choice of data format for display and entry, rather than the forwarding data format.

Today I ended up establishing the offending node in TTN and then use the TTN tools for straight hex command entry and result display. That worked.

But I guess that in the end the developers’ resources are better spent working on functional stuff, rather than the “eyecandy” I had suggested.

Protobuf payloads are what are returned by the REST API (via gRPC-gateway), so the cause is one in the same.