PHYPayload in database / frame_log table

What actually the PHYPayload column in frame_log table contains? Is it encoded or encrypted?

This stores the raw PHYPayload frame (bytes) and is used for showing the frame-log in the web-interface for debugging. Please note, in one of the next versions, this will be removed and replaced by live frame-logging from the UI in order to avoid the storage / performance overhead.

@brocaar, I had seen this discussion at the repo issues. Would you consider making this optional, so that the default behavior is to just only show frames live without storing them, but a conf option allows to keep on logging them? Then you could just suggest at the docs to include a cron job to remove old frames when activating this option.

Preferably not. This feature was really implemented for debugging, but more and more people are asking the question how they could use it for integration.

The good news is that the new implementation still allows for implementing external services hooking in on the streaming API :slight_smile: So if you really need it (this might require a tiny change / addition), this could still work, but outside of LoRa Server.

More good news is that it will also work on gateway level, so that you can see what frames are passing your gateway :slight_smile:


Well, if it avoids confusion, then I guess it is the best call. I’ll just keep the functionality on my version for now.

It is confusion, but also the performance / resource drawbacks that I try to avoid :slight_smile: