Ping database error,will retry in 2s:pq:password authentication failed for user\"loraserver\" "

Hi guys, please help me on this. I have exactly followed the instructions of quick install given on But when I try to reboot the lora server and try to see the logs then it gives me this error. I tried all sorts of online resources but couldn’t resolve it. could anyone help me on where i’m going wrong.

I have created loraserver_ns and loraserver_as as databases for the lora server.I have set two different passwords for lora_ns and lora_as.

– set up the users and the passwords
– (note that it is important to use single quotes and a semicolon at the end!)
create role loraserver_as with login password ‘ABC’;
create role loraserver_ns with login password ‘XYZ’;

– create the database for the servers
create database loraserver_as with owner loraserver_as;
create database loraserver_ns with owner loraserver_ns;

– change to the LoRa App Server database
\c loraserver_as

– enable the pq_trgm extension
– (this is needed to facilidate the search feature)
create extension pg_trgm;

– exit psql


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