Poor RSSI Problem with SX1276MB1MAS

I have an RSSI problem with mbed LoRa Shield boards(SX1276MB1MAS). I’m using Arduino Uno with the Arduino-LMIC library.
This is my settings:

  • output power: 14dbm
  • BW: 125KHz
  • SF: 7
  • Channel: 868MHz (HF)
  • and an antenna with 1/4 wave length, gain of 0.7dbi
    When sending in a room no more than 1 meter apart, I get a RSSI of around 90 dbm.
    I’m really confused and expected higher ranges in LoRa.
    I would appreciate your assistance with this RSSI problem.

Please note that when a device is too close to a gateway, this might cause issues. E.g. the gateway might receive the uplink on two channels. I would advice testing again with the device and gateway a few meters apart.

I tried with a distance of 3 m and I had the same results