PostgreSQL Problem

I hope you can help me

I have a problem in the PostgreSQL databse:

I always get this:
level=warning msg=“storage: ping PostgreSQL database error, will retry in 2s” error=“dial tcp…xx:xx connect: connection timed out”
Is this an error ?

What exactly does this mean



that your postgresql isn’t running.

is there a command to start it because my postgresql is running in azure

Probably it is running, but ChirpStack can’t connect. Are you sure your PostgreSQL database is reachable from the machine on which ChirpStack is running?

yes , in Azure the resource group chirpstack_ns and chirpstack_as are inside. I have edited the steps and created the database. But I keep getting this timed out error. :confused:
What is the reason for this?
Maybe it has something to do with the timezone?

The issue is network related, not related to timezones.

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The both chirpstack-server is active(running) but the same problem with the connectuon. How can I find out if the network is the problem?
What can I try to get it to connect to the network.

i hope you can give me some tips to look up

can the problem also come from the config file if it is somewhere else than it should be ?