Postgresql settings for SD or Lorix NAND

First of all, I wish an happy new year to everyone here.

I’m currently working on Lorix One and port to Flash and also Embeded system optimizations.

I did not find on Gateway OS the postgresql config file so I think it’s the default one whatever it runs on Lorix, RPI or clouded host, correct?

So I’ve read here some interesting things like settings I/O and latency for RPI (with SD so) that may be more appropriate also for Lorix One and device working on SD.

random_page_cost = 10 # really slow IO, really slow
effective_io_concurrency = 1

So now my default postgres config /var/lib/postgresql/data/postgresql.conf for Lorix One is this one

# Add settings for extensions here
max_connections = 16
shared_buffers = 16MB                   
effective_cache_size = 48MB 
maintenance_work_mem = 4MB
max_prepared_transactions = 0
wal_buffers = 2MB
work_mem = 8MB              
random_page_cost = 10     
max_worker_processes = 1
effective_io_concurrency = 1

Any postgresqsl guru here that can confirm it’s a good (or bad) choice

Yes, it uses the default config that is provided by the Yocto / Open Embedded recipes (