Problem with duplicated packets

Good afternoon! I have the following setup:

1 x kerlink Wirnet iStation (LoRaWAN GW): Wirnet iStation - Kerlink
1 x Microchip RN2903 based Wireless Board (LoRa node): RN2903 - Wireless Modules

Also, I have an Application Server running here at thethingsnetwork.org_.
However, for some reason, I see duplicated packets at Application Server level.

I see two packets with different timestamps and the same Tº (like this one).

I am running a small program in the node sending fake Tº, incrementing them by one in each packet sent (so, If I have the same Tº in two packets, it means they are duplicated).

PD1: For some reason I see that duplicated packets have different frequencies and channels, but I cannot find an exact pattern neither explain why.

Could you please explain why this is happening and if ii is correct or not? What can I do to filter these duplicated packets at gateway (remember that I have only one gateway) or at Network Server level?

Thanks in advance!

PD2: I also see no downlinks. Is it normal? Where do I have to look to diagnose this problem?

I think the screenshot shows a single uplink?

Thanks for your answer. I have uploaded only one Uplink because I cannot paste two images on the post. However, I have solved the issue! Thank you anyway!

If you could add how you solved your issue, that could be helpful to others when they experience the same issue :slight_smile: