Problems to connect Kerlink Ifemto to my own loraserver


I have problems to connect my Kerlink Ifemto to my own Lora server.

Is there anyone who has tried it or can help with a guide?

Thanks a lot

Yes we have managed to do so. What is the problem you face ? Could you give more details ?

If one of you would like to create a pull-request with the steps needed to setup the Ifemto, that would be great :slight_smile:
This is the source:

I’ve tried following the guide (, but get a error when I want to create / mnt / - It is a read only system.

so I installed it on /user/fsuser-1/lora-gateway-bridge/bin but can not get it started there.

So I don´t know how to do?

I also ran into the same problem.
Did you find a solution?

i am also searching for a solution.
Was anyone able to install the gateway bridge on the ifemtocell?