Problems with RAK811

Hi Community,

I have:

  • RAK2245 whit fimware 2.9.1R
  • Rak811 whit fimware:
  • Use OTAA mode
  • Class A

I folowing the “Get Start with RAK811 WisNode-LoRa” V3.0.0.2, and whit TTN work fine.

Whit Loraserver the Gateway RAK2245 is detected for Loraserver, but when use the RAK811 its don´t works:
I get from Loraserver “app_key” and “dev_eui” and send to Rak811. The “app_eui” I don´t use or use the same “dev_eui”.

I use:
at set_config=lora:join_mode:0
at set_config=lora:class:0
at set_config=lora:region:US915
at set_config=lora:dev_eui:xxxx…
at set_config=lora:app_eui:xxx…
at set_config=lora:app_key:xxx
at join

OTAA Join Start…
[LoRa]:Join retry Cnt:1
[LoRa]:Join retry Cnt:2
[LoRa]:Join retry Cnt:3
[LoRa]:Join retry Cnt:4
[LoRa]:Joined Failed!

Can you helpeme, thanks.


If you’re willing to try something in Go, you can run the example from here bit from your node.