Queue items are not transmitted

I am updating my current LoRa pi setup to the new configuration. After having some difficulties with the setup of postgresql i got the server running. My node can activate with OTAA and can send data to the application. The only problem now is that the TX messages are not transmitted.

If i look to the messages i see that the application RX is received by the application. The TX messages which are than generated are also send to the server and it looks like they are placed in the QUEUE but they are not send to the gateway-bridge.

I think its just a configuration somewhere but i can’t figure out where.

I see a join-request and after that a couple of payloads added to the queue. Please note that for Class-A devices, you need an uplink in order to send a downlink (queue-item). Until then, all items stay in the queue. See also: https://docs.loraserver.io/loraserver/features/device-classes/.

The application worked on the old server environment so this should still work right now.

The client Joins with OTAA.
The clients request the data.
The application splits the data in multiple messages and adds them to the queue.
The first message is send.
The second message is requested.
The application does nothing because the message is in the queue.
The second message is send.
…Until the last package…

The first message placed in the queue contains the information about the amount of packages. But this message is not transmitted to the client.