Rak 811 Config Error

i’m using Lora board Rak 811, its need app_eui config to access lorawan. But when i set App Eui for Rak 811 by 0000000000000000 it not record when i checked again. So where i can store or create App Eui in config file?
Many thanks

What config file are you trying to see the app_eui? I have managed to get a RAK811 working. Are you sending serial to the RAK811 or did you reprogram the internal STM32 of the RAK?

Thank for reply. I followed these to config my Rak 811:
i use serial to rak 811, when i set app_eui by 00000000 then checked by serial its pronounce that it not available.
Here the screen shot in my application. And i’m finding app_eui in lora-app-server.

I had the same problem when I started. I am trying to remember how i fixed it.
Have you set the mode to otaa?

Hi Kieren_Black. Yes of course, by using at+mode=0.

at+mode = 0 (LORAWAN) and at+mode=1 (LORAP2P)

so for otaa mode

you need