RAK2287 LoRa layer on yocto

Issue: We need to add lora functionality layer on Yocto for RAK2287.

Setup: We have custom board with Jetson nano as microprocessor and also has minipci slot where RAK2287 is going to fit.

Server: LoRaWAN server

Details: We using custom board having Jetson Nano as processor and we are using RAK2287 for lora connectivity & we need to integrate all that lorawan communication into Yocto.

I referred :

  1. RAK2287 Linux driver details and kernel configuration for yocto build
  2. GitHub - chirpstack/chirpstack-gateway-os: Yocto based gateway images including ChirpStack components.
  3. https://solidrun.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/developer/pages/286490798/RAK833+LoRaGateway+Yocto


To be honest with you, I don’t think anybody is able to help you with this. What you are requesting is almost a complete project on its own. As a reference, it took me weeks to implement the ChirpStack Gateway OS which is basically:

  • Yocto layer
  • Raspberry Pi BSP layer
  • ChirpStack layer
    • LoRa HAL recipes
    • ChirpStack packages
    • Additional packages

Getting the GNSS module to work correctly to me quite some time. For the Rapsbery Pi I had to free the UART port, as it is also used by the bluetooth module. After that, I had to make some adjustments to the u-boot bootloader, to not use the UART port because the output would go to the GNSS module, but also the GNSS module output would interrupt the boot process.

I think you can take many ChirpStack Gateway OS recipes as example, but expect that it will take you quite some time to achieve a full working Yocto build. The community here is happy to help you with ChirpStack related questions, but I think what you are asking is a bit out of scope.

HI @brocaar ,
Yes, you are right it will take time. Could you please suggest me any documents I need to refer to write a recipe for the LoRaWAN layer.


There are several books that might help you to get familiar with Yocto (I don’t remember which book I read). Then of course there is the Yocto documentation: https://docs.yoctoproject.org/.

Hii @brocaar ,

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Hi @brocaar,
I’ve already started with LoRaWAN layer but while installing rak & chirpstack. I’m facing some of issues related to dependencies, to resolve those issues could you please provide me -

  1. Build time and Run time dependencies of your code
  2. Are there some test utilities present for individual checking of gateway or servers(network or application) or rak module firmware etc.

could you just tell me are these source code correct for ARM-64bit

  1. gateway-bridge
  2. application server
  3. network server

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