Re-installing Lora Gateway Bridge (Multitech Conduit)


I retrieved a mutlitech conduit (AEP) with old version of LoRa Gateway Bridge (rev 2.2), and I didn’t find the configuration file in the /var/config/lora-gateway-bridge directory (for the mqtt instance).

So I don’t know how to set the couple username-password to be compliant with my MQTT broker?

Currently I installed LoRa server 0.26.0 and and LoRa appserver 0.20.0 all work fine ;).

if possible plz could you tell me where can I find the mqtt config file with the lora gateway bridge rev 2.2 in my mtcdt ?

And if I have to upgrade with the lora gateway bridge rev 2.4 how can I remove properly the old revision???

Thank you for your help.

Please see It contains all the instructions for installing the LoRa Gateway Bridge on the Conduit.

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Ok thank you for your reply but there is no risk of corruption if I reinstall the lora-gateway-bridge 2.4 over the previous configuration (2.2).

Actually the lora server works like this, that is to say lora server 0.26.0, lora app server 0.20.0 and lora-gateway-bridge 2.2.

If someone is looking for where he can write MQTT_server,username and password in rev 2.2 of LGB it’s here:


This is valid for AEP multitech conduit :wink:

I would recommend removing the old one (setup manually) before installing the new one (using the .ipk file).

Hello @brocaar, I upgraded my lora-gateway-bridge from V2.4 to V3.0 it works but the old commands which was linked with the lora-gateway-bridge seems to have disappeared.

Here my configuration:
Loraserver ==> V.2.8.2
Lora-app-server ==> V.2.6.1
Lora-geo-server ==> V.2.0.1
Lora-gateway-bridge (hosted multitech gw) ==> V.3.0.1 ( before V.2.4.0)

My process:
I renamed the old lora-gateway-bridge.toml to old-lora-gateway-bridge.toml.
I removed [lora-gateway-bridge_2.4.0-r1.0_arm926ejste.ipk] was available in my home directory.

Then I followed your installation guide

opkg install lora-gateway-bridge_3.0.1-r1_arm926ejste.ipk

after that a new lora-gateway-bridge has been created but comparing with the template available here it was missing a lot of section.

I wanted to regenerate a new one with this command lora-gateway-bridge configfile > lora-gateway-bridge.toml but he command lora-gateway-bridge was not found!

So I copied the template and pasted it in my lora-gateway-bridge.toml then I did the modification according my setup.

I started the lora-gateway-bridge ==> /etc/init.d/lora-gateway-bridge start

The command available are only [start-stop-restart]

To finish I modified the loraserver.toml as specified in the release note.

from the loraserver log I can see the modification of mosquitto topic ‘…/events/stats/…’ ‘…events/up/…’ so on…

Do you tell me if this behavior is the one expected?
What is wrong in my process?

Thank you.

Hi @julien ,

I’m facing the same issue but with the RAK831 gateway with Raspberry Pi3.

After some days of frustation I decided to install again the operative system of the RPi3 and to download again the packet forwarder program and the lora-gateway-bridge, BUT when I install it from zero it also happens to me. The “lora-gateway-bridge.toml” is just a part of the template which is in the documentation.

This makes me think that it could be a problem of the packet that we download from the repository.

Any idea/solution @brocaar ?

Kind regards!
Pablo Romero.


if it’s confirmed I will open an issue on github.


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