Redis Frame logging error on newest Chirpstack github versions

I am running previous stable releases of Chirpstack server stack cloned from chirpstack github repo successfully on windows. Versions are:
as: 3.14.0
ns: 3.12.3
gw_bridge: 3.10.0

When I pull newest version of the server stack I started to face Redis XADD error.

Normally I am getting redis error in image 1 when I start network server. When I assign per_device_frame_log_max_history=0 and per_gateway_frame_log_max_history=0 in the NS toml file, I am not getting the errors on startup of the network server. But I get the error in image 2 and 3 when I want to see device and gateway live frames on the AS UI.
It may be related to new feature named frame logging to a redis stream coming with the newest version of Chirpstack.
Also It looks like there is no redis stream type in redis version 3.2. I use redis 3.2 on windows because windows has just got redis 3.2. I find that Redis streams introduced in redis 5.0.
How can I run newest version of Chirpstack without this error ?

The migration from Pub/Sub to Stream means at least Redis 5.0.0 is required. As Redis 5.0.0 was released in 2018 and is included in most distributions, meeting this requirement should not be an issue for most users. It is also included in the latest Debian stable channel, which is usually quite conservative (for good reasons).

I don’t know what would be the best way to update your Redis for Windows, but an alternative would be to use Docker on your Windows machine.

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