Redis-server timeout when stream device data using restAPI

Hi friends,
When I want receive online device data I can receive using the application server html UI. but when I want to receive it through restAPI url /api/devices/{dev_eui}/events
after a few seconds I receive redis-server timeout in application server logs.

That endpoint can’t be directly accessed by the browser. Please see the documentation note:

    // StreamEventLogs stream the device events (uplink payloads, ACKs, joins, errors).
	//   * This endpoint is intended for debugging only.
	//   * This endpoint does not work from a web-browser.
    rpc StreamEventLogs(StreamDeviceEventLogsRequest) returns (stream StreamDeviceEventLogsResponse) {
        option (google.api.http) = {
            get: "/api/devices/{dev_eui}/events"