[release] ChirpStack Application Server v3.15

ChirpStack Application Server v3.15.0


LoRaWAN 1.0.4

This adds the LoRaWAN 1.0.4 mac-version and RP002-1.0.0 and PR002-1.0.1 regional parameter revisions to the device-profile configuration.

ReEncryptDeviceQueueItems API method (AS)

This implements the ReEncryptDeviceQueueItems method to the (internal) application-server API. This method is used by ChirpStack Network Server v3.13+ when it needs request the application-server to re-encrypt the device queue-items.

PostgreSQL schema migrations

This implements automatic schema migrations for the PostgreSQL integration. When you have manually created the tables (as documented previously), then these tables will be automatically adopted and updated to the latest version. For newly setup integrations all tables will be created automatically. (#573)


  • Don’t run Docker container as root. (#520)
  • Add gateway downlink info in txack message. (#576)
  • Refactor SQL schema migrations from sql-migrate to golang-migrate. (#585)
  • Add option to configure Redis key-prefix.
  • Add ns precision to the log timestamps.
  • Fix Thingsboard rssi and snr telemetry keys + add fport, fcnt and dr telemetry keys.
  • PostgreSQL integration improvements
    • Store confirmed_uplink and dev_addr for uplink. (#579)
    • Use marshaler configuration when encoding rx_info to JSON.
    • Add tx_info field for uplinks.
    • Store txack payloads into PostgreSQL database.


  • Fix getting network-server name in service-profile list. (#570)
  • Base MQTT downlink lock key on payload content. (#577)
  • Fix AppendCertsFromPEM error return. (#578)
  • Fix copy key to clipboard (UI). (#593)