[release] LoRa Server v2.8

okey, i had to set max to 5… actually i am not sure why. but now i have SF 7 again.

maybe someone can explain me why 6 is not possible…

thx for your help. great stuff


I pulled the latest docker image for all the loraserver components with tag 2 and can see the gui changes on app server. Now in this new update I’m seeing issue with OTA join.

The OTA devices which have easily joined on older loraserver/lora-app-server (2.6.0) ,they don’t join fully now with latest loraserver, they keep sending multitple join request and join accept yet no uplink can be seen.
I dont see anything unusual in logs too.

Has this been noticed or reported to you. Any suggestion much appreciated.


LoRa Server v2.8.2


  • Fix ADR setup. #396
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With the change in message formatting, won’t this be compatible with application software that already interprets messages from uplink topics in server versions before this?