[release] LoRa Server v3.0

LoRa Server v3.0.0



Legacy code removed

Legacy code related to older gateway structures have been removed. All gateway messages are now based on the Protobuf

MQTT topic refactor

Previously, each topic was configured separatly. To be consistent with LoRa Gateway Bridge v3, this has been re-factored into “events” and “commands”.

Azure integration

The Azure integration (Cloud to Device) has been improved.

RXTimingSetupAns acknowledged

When LoRa Server receives a RXTimingSetupAns mac-command, it will always respond to the device, even when this results in sending an empty frame.


LoRa Server v3 depends on LoRa Gateway Bridge v3! It is recommended to upgrade to the latest LoRa Server v2 release (which is forwards compatible with the LoRa Gateway Bridge v3), upgrade all LoRa Gateway Bridge installations to v3 and then upgrade LoRa Server to v3.

It is also recommended to update your LoRa Server configuration file. See Configuration for more information.


LoRa Server v3.0.1


  • Fix ADR setup. #396
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LoRa Server v3.0.2


  • Make max idle / max active Redis connections configurable.


  • Fix Azure IoT Hub detached link issue / recover on AMQP error.
  • Fix load device-session twice from database. #406.
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