Remote Connection IP


Apologies if this is somewhat noob. I have Chirpstack running on Ubuntu and am looking to connect 5 gateways (Milesight) to my NS that are all on different local networks.

On my GUI I have 2 options for connecting- “Chirpstack Generic” or “Semtech”.
Both of these require the network server address, is this simply 192.168……:8080 or is it the IP address of the AS……or am I missing something blindingly obvious?

Thanks in advance!

Also, does anybody offer paid for DEV work on Chirpstack, specifically multi gateway remote connections on a private NS?

If ChirpStack Generic = MQTT, then it would mean you need to point the server address to your MQTT broker. I assume that Semtech means the gateway will use the UDP protocol, in which case server would need to point to your ChirpStack Gateway Bridge instance.