Remote multicast session setup is failing in multicast operation

We are using chirpstack-network and application servers with versinos 3.11.0 and 3.13.1 respectively.
We are using fuota-test-1 application from Lora-net/loramac-node stack for the end node.

We have followed the below steps to establish multicast:

  1. fuota-test-1 application flashed on end node.
  2. created device on chirpstack with same keys. Node joined in class A.
  3. created a multicast group on chirpstack and added the same device in this group.
  4. Finally we created a firmware update job and started.

Issues we are facing:

  1. we observed the MC_CREATE job stuck and not progressing few times.
  2. remote multicast session setup failing
  3. Though we created a multicast group and added the expected node to it, we observed one more empty mc-group got created automatically and its dev-address is shared with the device.
  4. DR and freq parameter also zero always even though we configured DR =5 and freq = 869525000.

Please let us know if there are any standard steps to follow to establish multicasting over chirpstack.


And we are getting these log in the application server log.
Even the number of multicast-groups are zero and after restarting the service we are getting this continuously.

We tried by creating a mc-group and added a node to it. We got the log of adding the device and a mc-group ID in GUI, but this error is not getting resolved.