REST API code 3

when I try with the API query I get some issues:

  "code": 3,
  "message": "invalid length: expected length 32 for simple format, found 0",
  "details": []

for query:

curl -X 'GET' \
  '' \
  -H 'accept: application/json' \
  -H 'Grpc-Metadata-Authorization: Bearer eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJhdWQiOiJjaGlycHN0YWNrIiwiaXNzIjoiY2hpcnBzdGFjayIsInN1YiI6IjYzYTgxZTVlLTNlODAtNDQ1OS05NmZkLTk1MDI4ZmI5MDRkOCIsInR5cCI6ImtleSJ9.CSlSaeM1pDKa-3-Eu8pxtsVvgu4Shq2TeTL7QUc7ZCo'

where TOKEN is tenant API KEY from web
Whats is wrong?

ps. REST API v4.1.1


Most probably you didn’t provide one of the mandatory parameters in the request (maybe application id?).
If it was an auth problem, you would receive a 401 error code.

or is it wrong?

You are right! app_id missed
requests worked fine now

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Cool. I think that you should either provide app_id or set a limit if not.

One question more please.
What differents from network server API KEY and Tenant API KEY?

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