RHF0M301 Gateway integration with AWS LoraWAN


So I am currently using an RHF0M301: LoraWAN Gateway module for the Raspberry Pi 3 and would like to integrate it with AWS IoT’s new LNS solution.

I have a few questions about the implementation and if ChirpStack software would be the correct approach.

Firstly assigning is it possible to link the Gateway Bridge to AWS LoraWAN? AWS LoraWAN provides me with a certificate/private key for AWS and a CUPS and LNS endpoint with their corresponding certificates.
I have seen that there is built-in support for Azure and GCP but not AWS, is there a way to make this work?

Secondly, do I still need some software to process the frames that the RHF0M301 receives, which it would then forward to the Gateway Bridge. If so does anyone have any recommendation on these? Since the preinstalled software I received with the SeedStudio Kit didn’t seem to have many configuration options.

I am fairly new to the LoraWAN space and just looking to get a solution integrated with AWS so any assistance would be appreciated!

I don’t think you can use ChirpStack to forward data to the AWS LNS solution. It expects you to use the Basics Station.