RHF1S001 sensor and RAK D4+ OTAA activation issue

hi, I have issue with connection/activation/joining of RHF1S001 via OTAA to Chirpstack. Version is 3.11.0
First of all I would like to ask what do I need to make via GUI to make OTAA activation possible, what do I need to make for device profile creation and finaly what IDs EUIs do I need for configuration via USB inteface device creation or also inside device, if something needed.
Please, just briefly, I just need to push in good directionm I can study than a lot so please dont waste too much time with me:)))))

You likely figured out that in Device-profiles, under "JOIN (OTAA/ABP), you need to tic on “Device supports OTAA”. Manual has some tips on Device EUIs and how to write decoder.

That’s a problem with a lot of sensors from China - initial cost is low, but the cost/time of configuration (making tweaks to sensor BEFORE joining), activation (getting sensor to join a gateway), and normal use (CODEC & downlink - OTAA configuration tweaks) just makes them very expensive in the end.