Rpi Zero WIFI + IMST iC880a with gateway OS full – [Chirpstack-concentratord does not exist]

Hello, I have just started to set up a wireless network with the following configuration:


  • Raspberrry Pi Zero W
  • IMST iC880a


  • Chirpstack-gateway-os-base-raspberry.pi3 (version 2021-Sep-20 08:18)

But when I turn on the system, only the Backhaul packet LED lights up and when I enter following command : sudo monit status, It is mentioned that the chirpstack-concentratord does not exist :

similarly with the following command: sudo monit summary:


I try to verifie what happened :

sudo tail f /var/log/messages |grep chirpstack-concentratord

It would seem that the concentratord can’t even be launched even though I have activated the SPI and modified the configuration file by adding the Pin 25 in Reset.

If you have an idea to solve this problem, I thank you in advance!

What does the log say after “starting the concentrator” ?

Is the mentioned process ID in () (which will be new for a new attempt) still an alive process?

It’s possible a combination of how logs and grep work mean you might not be seeing the last messages, you may want to look without the grep and carefully page through it, or try the --line-buffered option to grep.