Same uplink every 5 minutes, is this normal?

Hi everyone,

I’m just trying to figure out if the behavior I’m seeing is normal or not. I’m using a RAK831 gateway with a Raspberry Pi at AS923 (in Australia) and everything seems fine.

I currently only have one node, it’s an Arduino MKR WAN 1300. I’m using it in Class C mode and it works flawlessly.

But one thing I can’t work out is I’m seeing the same uplink every (approx) 5 minutes with data:“AA==”.

I can’t work out why the uplink is happening? I have 3 functions that use the modem in my Arduino sketch and I have serial output on each function to monitor if any of them are running and they aren’t. I send a ping every 15 minutes, which is working as expected, but I still see an uplink with * data:“AA==” every 5 minutes.

My question is, is this part of LoRaWAN? Do I just ignore it or investigate further? I am using Class C so I’m not sure if it could have something to do with this?

Thank you!!

No, that payload of 0x00 is something that the device is configured to do. If it was a standard part of all LoRaWAN devices, they wouldn’t last very long on batteries at a 5-minute interval.

Thanks. I think I’ve fixed it. Had an overflowing char array…

Somehow it didn’t crash but seemed to mess stuff up?

No more needless uplinks. :slight_smile:

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