SEND from node to MQTT broker directly?

Is there any way to send data from my node to MQTT directly?
i have a SIM28M GPS module attached to my node and im sending data to a system having lora server with a STATIC IPv4 configured on it.

Is there anyway to make direct communication…

For LoRaWAN devices, you must have a network-server in your infrastructure, which will handle the de-duplication, LoRaWAN mac-layer and forward the application payloads to an application-server. In case of the LoRa Server project, this is the LoRa App Server component which integrates with MQTT.

Yes, it does that job but is there anything which can be done; by which my node can send data by GPRS to the MQTT of the Application Server! Please suggest the right path to work on further!

Yes, when your device has a direct internet connection I don’t see a reason why that should not work. Anyway, that is totally unrelated to the LoRa Server project which deals with the LoRaWAN protocol, so this forum is not the right place to discuss this.

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