Sending date-time to device

Dear sir,

we are pacing problem with send live datetime from lora server to node can u please help us to how to send live datetime for every device for dynamically server datetime.


that will send every device? when device hit to server

can u guide us or else send configuration and setting document

one more problem we are pacing in my firmware datetime is laging thats way i need send every 2hrs for datetime sync for every device is this possible in lara server

Yes, your device needs to send this mac-command to the network-server (LoRa Server). Please note that your gateways need to have a GNSS / GPS synced time-source.

How to implement this at the device-side is documented in the LoRaWAN protocol specification.

Can we install lora app server, Bridge and lora-server in IMST Lite gateway this gateway is having 512MB RAM and 8 GB memory card ?

and we are using node-red for Data monitoring and publish bidirectional command to device

we are not using GNSS and GPS synced time source just we are using LAN

How to do i configure in LoRa-Server can you guide us or share the document for that setting in LoRa Server

Are there any plans to implement the DeviceTimeRequest from LoRaServer based on the network server time and not the GPS synced gateway time for network implementations that do not have GPS enabled gateways?

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In case anyone else is reading this in the future. Here is a post that talks about this feature in more detail: