Sending MIC together with payload data possible?

What I would like to achieve is to send MIC data with each uplink message, however it seems that NS is not including it in http integration or even if I trace mqtt traffic on the component level. I have older and newer version of Lora server (pre and post GUI change)

Any ideas guys?

Edit: Oh yeah, I have “add gateway meta-data” included in the service profile. Maybe there is something about MIC in the DB itself?

The MIC is for the network-server to authenticate the LoRaWAN frame and is not forwarded to the application-server. Only the FRMPayload is forwarded.

Tnx for answering.
My situation right now dictates, that northbound laying application requires MIC as well for whatever reason.
It can be achieved by tapping into GW stream, after all NS is capable of showing MIC in web UI in GW section.
Problem with tapping into individual GW streams however is that it is not optimal when it comes to scalability since that means all GWs have to be tapped into.

Initially I was really hoping that “add gateway meta-data” would include MIC as well.