Service Profile V4


I assume that Service-Profile is gone, since it’s not a part of the protocol, correct :-)?

We used the Service Profile for different stuff. We used the status request freq, and as far as I can read, that has been moved to Device Profile.

But we also used minDr, maxDr, reportDevStatusBattery and reportDevStatusMargin. Are these properties gone :-)?

The min and max DR have moved into the region_XXX.toml configuration. It was a source of many errors, e.g. users wondering why their device would never change to a higher DR than 0 because they forgot to set the max DR.

With regards to report dev-status battery and margin, these are always exposed. I’m not sure if there would be a reason to artificially hide these :slight_smile:


Alright, thank you for the answer :-)!