Set application id using rest API

Hi friends,
I want to update a specific application ID to another. I’m using rest api. I receive 200 response using /api/applications/{} url. but the application id is not updated. all changes are applied instead of the id.

I think you would need to jump into Postgres and update the ID directly. Is there a reason you need to do this?

I have an APP which my costumers can add device. but when an application is created wrongly or removed by out support team, the corresponding application id is useless and application ID of other application becomes large. for example I have totally 8 applications but application ID of some of them have about a few tens value.
another issue, is related to mqtt topics of the devices. when I migrate to a new lora server or I lost my server data and want to add the application and its devices, I should update all devices mqtt topic based on the new application id.
I’m searching a systematic way to correct it.