Setting up ChirpStack - OTAA error

I’m working on getting ChirpStack setup and working. My gateway is talking with the software but when i’m trying to do an OTAA i’m getting “lorawan/band: unknown channel for frequency: 904599976” errors. In searching, this seems to be an issue on the gateway side where it’s sending the actual freq that the packet was received on. I’m running a RouterOS gateway and there are no settings outside of the channels and gateways on those gateways. Is there a way to disable this check on the ChirpStack side?


set the correct channels in gateway profile

I have the config on the ChirpStack server set to US_902_928 and the it says Gateway Profiles are depreciated. The gateway I’m testing with works fine on TTN and a gotthardp lorawan-server I’ve been testing with and the gateway works with both of those. From what I can tell the gateway itself is OK.

did You setup the right channel plan in your mikrotik RouterOS gateway while setup LoRa device to connect to the ChirpStack ?

This might also indicate that your device is really close to your gateway. If that is the case, then try again with at least a few meters between them.

I will give that a try as they are really close to each other currently.

The default US band-plan in RouterOS has the wrong channels (using the same ones that TTN wants). So I created a custom band-plan and the channels match TTN freq. The gateway works just fine with TTN servers and the open source “LoRaWAN” server software. Maybe those systems are ignoring the “actual” frequency that the packet was received on. I’ve tested with the gateway feeding the packets to all 3 at the same time and all but ChirpStack will progress the packet. ChirpStack is the only one that throws an error.

Here is the channel settings in RouterOS:


Unfortunately the RouterOS implementation of the forwarder has little config options and little in terms of logs.

Are you using the latest RouterOS version? First thing you could do is to update your RouterOS. If that does not help, I would suggest contacting MikroTik support.