Share Gateway between muliple tenants

I have now reinstalled Chirpstack 4 and created two tenants. I would like to share a gateway with both tenants, but I can’t see the gateway on the other tenant. It doesn’t matter whether you allow the second tenant to have a gateway. Can the gateway still be used with both? Would it be possible to show the existing gateway, without been able to make changes on the 2nd tenant account?

So one tenant is responsible for most of the gateways, if allowed, the second tenant could still set up his own gateway, which would then be visible again at the first tenant acount…

Unless a gateway is marked as private via the tenant setting, the payloads should flow through to any tenant. However, I do not know of a way to make a gateway visible that belongs to one tenant to another tenant.

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Yes, i will test this the next days. I mean, it would be nice to see, "there is a GW in my region from another tenant, that could receive data from my devices… "